Uterine Fibroid Volume after Myomectomy Compared to Pre-Operative Measurement by Two and Three Dimensional Ultrasound


  • Hend S Saleh


Myoma volume; Ultrasonography; Fibroid; Benign tumor; Myomectomy


Introduction and methods: In this prospective study we compared 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional ultrasound measurements with the actual myomas volume after surgical removal to test the validity and usability of 3D ultrasound as opposed to conventional 2D real-time ultrasound and to assess the reliability of different ultrasound methods to measure volume of uterine fibroids. Fibroid volume was measured for 44 patients by 2D-US using (3 dimensions), (mean of ellipse x its perpendicular diameter) and by 3D-US. After surgery; myoma volume was estimated by Archimede's law using water path.
Results: 3D-US measurements were the most accurate method for measuring fibroid volumes with high significant difference (p<0.001), followed by mean of ellipse x its perpendicular diameter of 2D-US dimensions of 2D-US. 3 dimensions of 2D-US was the least accurate method.
Conclusion: Using 2D-US with the mean of ellipse x its perpendicular diameter for measuring myoma volume in health care is alternative option where 3D-US is unavailable with nearly similar results.