An Awareness and Experiences of Pregnant Women towards Antenatal Weight Management at a Maternity Hospital in Najran City, KSA


  • Nasser Saeed Al-Qahtani


Pregnancy; Caesarean section; Family planning; Bariatric surgery; Nutrition


Background: One of health priorities for women during pregnancy is the attainment of healthy weight both in the antenatal and postpartum periods. This study is aiming to evaluate pregnant women awareness and experiences towards the management of obesity and weight gain during pregnancy.
Method: This was a cross-sectional study (n=416) conducted over 3 months in 2017 of pregnant women attending antenatal clinics at a maternity hospital, Najran city, KSA. An interviewer administered, questionnaire was used.
Findings: Results were shown 58.7% of participants (n=244) had low awareness for management of obesity and weight gain during pregnancy, with the highest level of awareness regarding management objectives and strategies (77.2%), while the lowest level of awareness folic acid (44%). In addition, 90.4% (n=376) showed poor experience in counselling about obesity management in pregnancy. Four risk factors were shown to be important indicators of awareness and experience of participants with largest being an occupation (Adjusted OR=2.7, p=0.001), nationality (Adjusted OR=2.4, p=0.015), regular follow up (Adjusted OR=1.7, p=0.049) and education level (Adjusted OR=1.3, p=0.009).
Conclusion: Study findings are consistent with earlier findings indicating that low level of awareness for management of bodyweight during pregnancy in addition to bad experience in counselling about recommended guidelines for that may explain up to some extent why women are not being served appropriately regarding bodyweight and its health risks in the antenatal care.